Cultural Calculator

Designed as a contribution to cultural managers, the digital Cultural Calculator, more than a tool to estimate the economic impact of cultural projects, helps users understand what economic impact means and the variables that affect it.

Besides, in order to expand the understanding of the cross-sector impacts of cultural projects, the initiative also offers the Cultural DNA – another tool for free, helping to analyse the impact of cultural projects on tourism, education, the environment and others.

Developped in a partnership between ASAS Arte e Tecnologia and Garimpo de Soluções, the Cultural Calculator benefits from Luciana Machado’s 20 years of expertise as a cultural producer and Ana Carla Fonseca’s 30 years of work and research in the economics of culture. It is another contribution of these two companies to generate awareness about the economic impact of culture, this time made possible thanks to a grant of ProAC – Secretariat of  Creative Economy to the State of São Paulo.

The Cultural Calculator was released in July 2021, in a live with the participation of various colleagues who contributed with videos on the links between culture and their areas of expertise. The site is up and running since the launch of the project at