Road Show of the the Creative Economy and Creative Cities of Tocantins

Organization: SEBRAE Tocantins
Date: Junho 2013
City: Porto Nacional, Arraias e Araguatins (TO)

Download(s): Oficinas Tocantins Porto Nacional 17 Jun 201363.jpg

Objectives: To promote the understanding of the creative economy and creative cities, turning managers, recently-elected or reelected policymakers and creative entrepreneurs of Tocantins State more able to establish a dialogue; to ignate a reflexion about how these two complementary approaches can contribute to economic, social and cultural development in each city and creative cluster; to inspire the development of a cross-sector policy based on the recognition of local culture as a propeller of socio-economic development; to generate synergies across cultural and creative projects and their interfaces with development, tourism, education, technology, to mention but a few; to foster the acknowledgment of the creative economy potential through entrepreneurship; to contribute to a deeper understanding of the challenges and possibilities of the creative economy; to tease the mapping of economic strengths and cultural singularities in Tocantins State and its regions.Structure: The carovan was shaped by a six-hour workshop in the three cities that joined the programme, covering over 1,200 km.