International Seminar of Creative Clusters

Organization: FECOMERCIO SP e do SESC SP
Date: 27-28/06/2013

City: FECOMERCIO de São Paulo (SP)

Objectives: to debate creative clusters as an approach to the interplay of creative economy, culture and the city, as an inspiration to the State of São Paulo; to host the understanding of concrete examples of creative clusters beyond the economic dimension, encompassing their social and cultural impact; to appeal and generate awareness of creative clusters among a diversified audience of creative entrepreneurs and other professionals working in the urban setting; to reach national media impact, as a way to propel the understanding of creative clusters in the whole of the country.
Structure: international seminar, along two days of cases and debates, comprising an opening speech (Simon Evans/United Kingdom, mediated by Ana Carla Fonseca), a morning panel (Teresa Llobet/Spain, Enrique Avogadro/Buenos Aires and Caroline Dubuc/Canada, mediated by Nabil Bonduki) and an afternoon panel (Anne Mieke Eggenkamp/Holland, Rasmus Tscherning/Denmark and Xavier Greffe/France, mediated by Carlos Augusto Calil).

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