Meu Futuro é agora (My Future is now)

Date: From Feb 24th through Dec. 08th
Organization: Farol Santander
City: São Paulo (SP)
Link(s): Farol Santander

Garimpo de Soluções faced the challenge of designing and curating the two projects that opened the Arena of Farol Santander. In total, we hosted 22 meetings, with 63 speakers and mediators, from all continents, 13 countries and nine Brazilian cities.

“Meu Futuro é agora” (“My Future is now”) builds on the Arena’s positioning of being a place of inspiration, reflection and provocation, inside the important center of entrepreneurship, culture and leisure that Farol Santander became. The project’s leitmotiv is global changes, having the future of work as a train of thought.

Many of the most striking studies around the future of (your, my, our) work converge upon a conclusion: in the coming two to three decades, half of the activities involved in the jobs we do today will no longer exist – and half of what will then be performed is currently not on our radar. For us to be better prepared for such an uncertain, challenging but potentially rewarding future, we designed a lineup of great experts and provocative debates. The first two meetings outlined trends and discussed what “future” actually means. The following three depicted cities in transition to become a nurturing environment for their talents. We then engaged key experts in their specific fields, whose history has the mark of specific skills of the future. Finally, we had a debate showing the most recent studies on the future of work and, to close, a taylor-made debate focusing on São Paulo.

12/08 – São Paulo in review – reinventing the city – with Facundo Guerra (Vegas Group), Mauricio Machado (São Paulo São) and Mauro Calliari (Caminhadas Urbanas), mediated by Ana Carla Fonseca (Garimpo de Soluções).

11/10 – The Future of (my, your, his/her) work – with Ricardo Basaglia (Michael Page) and Ronaldo Fragoso (Deloitte), mediated by Cláudio Gradilone (IstoÉ/Dinheiro).

10/06 – Critical reasoning – with MC Garden, Baixo Ribeiro (Choque Cultural) and Guga Ketzer (Suno Creators), mediated by Ana Carla Fonseca (Garimpo de Soluções).

09/15 – Problem sensitivity – from empathy to action, two engaging cases – with Marcelo Rosenbaum and Ronaldo Tenório (Hand Talk), mediated by Daniela Lerario (TriCiclo).

08/11 – Social intelligence – from North to South, changing Brazil – with Eugenio Scannavino Neto (Saúde & Alegria) and Júlio César Lima (Jacaré Moda), mediated by Gisela Schulzinger (ESPM/ABRE).

07/14 – Cognitive flexibility – a deliciously inspiring meeting – with Ronaldo Fraga and Walter Mancini, mediated by Ricardo Peruchi.

06/09 – Culture, innovation and dareness – Buenos Aires, between today and tomorrow – with Enrique Avogadro (Minister of Culture of Buenos Aires), mediated by Paola Sette (Head of Culture and Sponsorship at Santander).

05/09 – Welcome to the European Capital of Entrepreneurship – with Branca Neves (Advisor to Lisbon City Hall), mediated by André Palhano (Virada Sustentável).

04/14 – From city of violence to capital of intelligence – with Alejandro Franco (General Diretor Ruta N Medellín), mediated by Carla Jimenez (El País).

02/24 – Get to the future before it reaches us – with Sergio Rial (CEO of Santander Brazil), Prof. Sandro Roberto Valentini (Dean of UNESP) and Jorge Melguizo (Colombia).

03/24 – The Future of tomorrow – with Luiz Alberto Oliveira (Chief Curator of the Museum of Tomorrow), mediated by Mílton Jung (CBN radio).