It’s great to be from Ribeira

First creative economy plan of Ribeira Valley

Date: From December 2019 through April 2020
City: Ribeira Valley (São Paulo State)
Organization: SEBRAE-SP, in partnership with CODIVAR and in dialogue with São Paulo State's Government.
Link(s): Plano da gosto

First creative economy plan of Ribeira Valley, it does justice to the environmental, cultural and social assets of this unique region in the world, proposing strategies to convert its vast array of creative singularities into added-value products and services.

Coordinated by Ana Carla Fonseca, Alejandro Castañé and Ricardo Peruchi, the diagnosis involved more than 80 in-depth interviews with iconic people in the region, besides a series of seven interactive workshops, run with entrepreneurs, potential entrepreneurs and public/private managers. A complex and fascinating work, for a region that represents both adjectives!