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A process of decoding and representation of Jequitinhonha Valley

Date: 01/07/2020
End Date: 31/10/2021
Local: Jequitinhonha Valley (Minas Gerais, Brazil)
Organization: SEBRAE MG

“The identity of Jequitinhonha Valley is stronger than the Valley itself.” The enticing call that SEBRAE MG made to Garimpo de Soluções was an invitation to decode a Valley of symbols and affections; its alphabet being its craftsmanship, which unique traits express aspirations, memories and experienced realities. The main asset to propel the development of the Valley rests in its complex territory – its culture, its faiths, its values, placed in time and space. From this identity universe Garimpo de Soluções will propose actions aiming to give due recognition to the value of a broader “artisans territory” – within the community and by the market – conducive to economic, social and environmental changes.

Our project covers Turmalina, Minas Nova and Ponto dos Valentes towns. It focuses on the strengthening of handicraft businesses with potential added, shared and perceived values.

The team is directed by Ana Carla Fonseca, with technical coordination of Alejandro Castañé and Ricardo Peruchi and academic advisory of anthropologist Ilana Goldstein.

Click here to download the concise version of the report (in Portuguese): Jequitinhonha_ManualAfetivo_DIGITAL_01_11_2021_Pocket_87_BaixaResol